Semi Truck Tires in Franklin, KY

When it comes to semi truck tires in Franklin, KY, Bluegrass Tire & Truck Repair, LLC is your local authority. We know tires inside and out, right down to the unique treads of each brand, giving us the insight and abilities to assist you when it comes to buying new tires or repairing the ones you’ve got!


Because we service only the trucking industry, we have a focused and engrained understanding of the unique challenges these vehicles face—especially when it comes to their tires. As a result, we’re proud to offer targeted products and services that are truly encompassing of those needs.

Tire repair

From the odd flat tire, to embedded debris in the tread, to damage to rims and wheels, our capabilities span the entire gamut of semi truck tire repair in Franklin, KY. Our mission is to keep you off the side of the road and get you back on it, travelling safely to your next destination without tire-related setbacks. You can trust our repairs to be encompassing and thorough, designed not to be just a quick fix, but rather a lasting solution.

New and used tires

Need a new tire to replace one lost in a blowout? Looking to outfit your truck with a set of gently used semi truck tires in Franklin, KY? The destination is one in the same: Bluegrass Tire & Truck Repair, LLC. We’ll help you assess the scope of need for tires in regards to your unique vehicle and can make recommendations as far as brand or tread style, to assist you in outfitting your rig with optimal tires.

Quality, brand name tires

Having the right treads on your truck can mean the difference between a blowout and continuing along on the road to your destination. To that end, we’re pleased to stock new and used tires from a variety of industry-leading brand names. Some of the superior tire brands we’re familiar with and carry include:

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For more information about any of the brand name tires we’re able to supply you with or to inquire about our capabilities in working to repair and replace tires, please give us a call today at 270-586-4150.